Vision and Mission

Planned as a State institution of higher education and learning in the field of art and culture the Majuli University of Culture, Majuli, shall engage itself for study and cultivation of the various dimensions of culture and civilization with an objective of promoting them to the level of an excellent and competitive order. Covering all aspects of culture within its ambit the University is destined to be a multidisciplinary institution of higher education with necessary emphasis on the vocational and professional side of learning, and high-quality research and training to make education a tool of social development and economic independence. India being a multi-cultural society with rich and colourful heritage in the field of ideas and institutions, cultures and civilizations, languages and literatures, folklore, religion and philosophy, food and health, art and architecture -these aspects shall constitute the basic concern of the University within the greater cobweb of global human civilization. In fine, it envisions to make itself a finely designed institution of innovation and research and a dependable institution for education and learning designed and structured upon Indian values and ethos. The aim is to help transforming India to a hub of capable citizens who can successfully respond to the 21st century situations and beyond with their vibrant knowledge stores.